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What we do

CREWS works directly with countries to increase the availability of, and access to, early warning systems. 

Country and regional projects are implemented by the countries with the support of Implementing Partners who provide technical assistance and capacity development.

Our Value Proposition



A financing mechanism that builds sustained institutional capacity driven by countries and supported by the expertise and specialist networks of its partners.




Local organizations are listened to and engaged so that investments are driven by the needs of end-users.




Good and innovative practices are applied and shared continuously across national and regional projects.



Country portfolios promote a favorable environment for, and leveraging of, effective additional financing.



CREWS recognizes women’s empowerment as fundamental for building resilience, and that gender influences the way people access, process, and respond to information and warnings.




Programming considers existing projects and other international partner initiatives to ensure value-added to the national context and needs.

CREWS Operations

Improving risk knowledge through identification of risks

  • Analysing relevant natural hazards and related risks
  • Understanding vulnerable groups

Modernizing hydrometeorological infrastructure

  • The observing network
  • Data, information and communication systems
  • Modelling and forecasting software

Improving dissemination and communication of actionable warnings

  • Consistent warning dissemination
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Tailored warnings
Modernize regional hydrometeorological centre
Developing linkages with sectors and communities by tailoring services and products

Strengthening capacity and manangement to improve collaboration accross borders

  • Impact-based forecasts and warning from global and regional data and tools
  • Training for seasonal regional climate forums
  • Tailored warnings
Integrate into global services and agenda
Results Monitoring Framework