Afghanistan: Hydromet & Early Warning Services for Resilience

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Afghanistan: Hydromet & Early Warning Services for Resilience

In Afghanistan, CREWS strengthens the capacity of provider and user agencies for the development and delivery of weather, water and climate-related early warning services.

This is done through developing and/or strengthening capacity related to i) production, translation and communication of weather forecasts, hydrological forecasts, and impact-based warnings focusing on the end-users’ needs ; ii) delivery of services to stakeholders and end-users and assisting them to access, interpret utilize and provide feedback on the generated information for priority sectors such as agriculture, disaster, water, urban etc and through community based initiatives and strengthening capacities of provincial and district level disaster management, including improvement in the dissemination of warnings for public safety and economic security, incorporating traditional knowledge as appropriate, and ensuring “last-mile” connectivity; iii) improvement in the information base, including through regional collaboration; and iv) enhanced decision-making to mitigate the adverse impacts of natural hazards on life, livelihoods and property.


Key Deliverables

  • Develop and implement a National Strategy for Service Delivery (SSD)
  • Establish a national joint flood forecasting centre or unit
  • Develop a drought monitoring programme
  • Build a readily accessible digital hydrological, meteorological and vulnerability database
  • Develop a modern impact-based weather forecasting process
  • Improve flash flood forecasting and alerting systems